Committed to you

We already know a lot about you and Dong Nam International know what you need… great reports are based on critical factors and at DNI we follow a simple philosophy.

Communicate – We provide you a defined point of contact with a senior team leader.

Get you involved – We believe our client knows their property or portfolio very well, we listen and learn.

Valuation skill and knowledge – ability to report value accurately and find solutions, we want to show you we are solution orientated.

Knowledge of the market – you get to use our entire country wide network we have 20 offices and employ some 80 Valuers, you get the benefit of their localised knowledge.

Review and revise – draft reports are presented to you at the agreed timeline and revised in open and constructive forums.

Refreshing - valuers who listen and take into consideration the views and opinions of you, your staff and managers.

Our client base is well over 3000. Ministry of Finance accredited means that our clients and banks can rely at Law on our reports. Further both our Valuers and company are ministry accredited, you can trust in our company’s skill and reputation.