Business License: No: 0304770466 issued by Department Of Planning and Investment Of Ho Chi Minh City, dated 3rd of January 2007.

SACC has been operating under Announcement and Decision of the Ministry of Finance as follows:

Announcement No. 38/TB-BTC by the Ministry of Finance on January 20th, 2015 on issuing the List of Appraisal Companies, Appraisers meeting the requirements of appraising asset price in 2015.

Decision No.3361/QĐ-BTC by the Ministry of Finance on December 31st, 2014 on issuing the organization of appraisal advisory that is allowed to supply the service of appraising the enterprise value for equalization in 2015.

Laws have changed…Every year MOF announces registered valuation companies via their website. As of September 2015 only qualified valuation companies will be granted a certificate of Valuation Company. Make sure the company you employ is certified. Some of our clients have had issues with reports not being compliant and basically worthless.

Our banking clients you are well advised to check registered valuation companies via the regular announcements on MOF website. In 2016 MoF will only recommend the selection of valuation companies that have certificates (for company, and not just Valuers).