Valuation Approach

In order to provide the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE for you and your company, we will combine our client team and our STRONG local teams with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the valuation process.

SPECIFICALLY…Upon being awarded an instruction we will, together with you, arrange to view all of the properties and markets to ensure that, with your assistance, we fully understand the property prior to undertaking the valuation exercise.

VALUE ADDING AND GETTING IT RIGHT… We already have in place a three tier system for checking the accuracy of information used in our valuations.

Firstly, upon receipt of information from our client our local Valuers will check the data to identify, question and understand the property.

Secondly, the valuation coordinator will check together with the client the valuations for consistency – another opportunity to identify and correct any anomalies, raise questions with land use rights and any identification issues.

Next, timely delivery in advance of the valuation we will reconfirm and communicate time lines with you, setting out firm dates for the provision of information by you and the delivery of draft and final valuations by DNI. We understand how important it is to produce valuations within agreed time tables…. We understand time is money.

COMPLYING WITH STANDARDS…. DNI has an extensive team of Valuers and experts and we adopt the policy of BEST PRACTISE STANDARDS.

What do we mean by BEST PRACTISE STANDARDS?...Our valuations will be based on the assumption of Market Value as defined in the IVSC Professional Standards. Our reports will also comply with local standards and established law, custom, practice and market conditions. We are well read on all standards and our management team will revise the task at hand and instruct the valuer on the best approach and best standard.

For example:

  • Our Plant and Machinery team rely on RICS, IFRS and API standards as best practice.
  • Our Mortgage Securities team apply API mortgage standard and pro-forma as best practice standards.
  • Our Commercial and Industrial team apply Vietnam Valuation and RICS and API standards as best practice.


In order to provide the best possible service to meet YOUR VALUATION REQUIREMENTS, we would implement the following steps and services…

  • Our Core Team will coordinate the valuation process and ensure the valuations are diligently completed in compliance with the RICS (Red Book), API and Vietnam Valuation Standards. DNI will also ensure overall consistency of approach, market tone and quality standard.
  • The valuations will take into account the most immediate market evidence available and also historical and anecdotal evidence… some Valuers settle for limited data our network of 20 offices allows us to cover more ground faster.
  • The valuations will be discussed with you during the valuation process or where and when needed… we are flexible.
  • We stick to a timetable… draft valuations and reports as set out by the client and if received by the relevant auditors.
  • Client Assessment and feedback is a critical part of process and the DNI team seek out your interaction and opinions.