Valuation Process

Our approach is coordinated and efficient and based on industry standards with fully trained staff. Our staff adopt the most appropriate methods of valuation dependent upon the land use right and availability of information.

Our centralised management structure gives us control to access our entire 20 strong office network to gather information from multiple sources with your allocated team communicating the flow of information regularly and as promised. This enables you to input into the information processes and reduces the chances of duplication.

We see the valuation process as a partnership between you and DNI. It is important that the views and opinions of your staff and managers are taken into consideration during the valuation process in order to ensure that there are “no surprises”.

Our valuation capability… Property valuations require local knowledge of all components of the market to ensure they are accurate. Where as an example a bank relies on a valuation they expect an impartial and independent assessment of the property and market. That’s where in depth research, market studies, comprehensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of property market is critical to you “our client”.

Valuation methods…

Our teams provide a realistic determination of current market value of the property at the date of valuation and the date of valuation is the date of inspection unless advised otherwise. SACC applies International valuation methods including Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach, Income Approach and Cash Flow Approaches. SACC also report on risk and identify issues that are specific to a banks requirements when considering an asset as a security.