Consultancy and Feasibility Reports

Dong Nam International

Dong Nam International


Developers and investors rely on property experts with years of experience to help them understand the property development market. Starting a project from a vacant urban lot and developing it into a new township takes real knowledge and skill.

Knowing what drives a market or sector is critical, understanding buyer demand is paramount and giving sound and verified recommendations is the foundation of real property consultancy… DNI have an old team of experts that have the background you need to best advise you on your next project or township development.


Property valuations require local knowledge of all components of the market to ensure they are accurate. Where a client relies on a valuation they expect an impartial and independent assessment of the property and market. That’s where in depth research, market studies, comprehensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of property market is critical to you “our client”.


We understand that project consultancy is assets and that our client’s decision making process in this sector is more complex, therefore our team delivers a higher level of skill and analysis as required by our corporate and business operators and investors. Cash flows rely on accurate data inputs and clear and market based assumptions. Our team has the specialist skill in many sectors to deliver realistic market based values and recommendations.


SACC have a wide skill and knowledge base to provide accurate and consultancy with an in-depth analysis and research of market trends… our reports provide insightful knowledge into the development sector/s and through market research and experience we can provide recommendations and development concepts that assist you to develop profitable and successful projects. Our team are experienced in many development sectors including:

  • Logistics and data centres and Hi Tech parks
  • Townships and mixed use projects
  • Industrial subdivisions
  • Land Use Right pricing for projects and development lots
  • Retail and commercial office projects CBD and Non CBD
  • School and medical projects
  • Golf courses and resorts
  • Market surveys and buyer demand analysis
  • Market trends and analysis: Our team builds clear understanding of all assignments and develop with you a full appreciation of the challenges faced in any project or assignment… Our team are not simply “FAIR WEATHER ADVISORS” they are industry experts with long term knowledge.