Insurance Valuations

Dong Nam International

Dong Nam International


Our appraisal team is Ministry of Finance certified and fully compliant to undertake valuations for insurance replacement purposes. Our reports are compliant with the Ministry of Finance with SACC being fully certified to provide appraisals for enterprise value. More important we understand the need for property to be valued at its current replacement cost.


Property valuations for insurance require skill and knowledge of all components of construction and materials to ensurethe result is accurate. Where a client relies on a valuation they expect an impartial and independent assessment of the property and where a property may have special features they need to be analysed and included in the report. That’s where comprehensive knowledge and our understanding of insuring an asset is critical to you “our client”.


The best way of ensuring that a property is fullyinsured is to have the property  valued and thepolicy figure updated on a regular basis.The valuer should be instructed to prepare thevaluation so that the valuation accords precisely with the basis of insurance eg. Reinstatement,replacement and extra costs insurance orindemnity value as applicable and include costsof demolition and removal of debris andprofessional fees.


SACC have a wide skill and knowledge base to provide accurate and quality reports for insurance purposes. Asset types we can assess include:

  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Residential including projects and infrastructure
  • Roads and bridges
  • Hotels, resorts and leisure
  • Agricultural buildings and improvements
  • Plant and equipment: office, industrial and manufacturing