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Dong Nam International


Our banking and mortgage security valuation team are Ministry of Finance certified and fully compliant to undertake valutions for commercial, industrial and special use properties. Our reports are compliant with the Ministry of Finance with SACC being fully certified to provide appraisals for enterprise value. We are experienced in valuing residential, commercial and industrial property, our coverage across Vietnam is extensive.


Property valuations require local knowledge of all components of the market to ensure they are accurate. Where a bank relies on a valuation they expect an impartial and independent assessment of the property and market. That’s where in depth research, market studies, comprehensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of property market is critical to you “our client”.


Our teams provide a realistic determination of current market value of the property at the date of valuation and the date of valuation is the date of inspection unless advised. SACC applies International valuation methods including Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach, Income Approach and Cash Flow Approaches. SACC also report on risk and identify issues that are specific to a banks requirements when considering an asset as a security.

THE BANKING AND MORTGAGE SECURITIES team is headed by Leon Cheneval who has extensive mortgage security valuation experience working for public and private clients and local and international banks. SACC Competitive advantage is delivered through sound experience and in house resources such as;

  • Extensive market research platforms
  • Research in all sectors including specialist assets
  • ‘One stop shop’ for all property types: residential, commercial and industrial
  • Market leading property knowledge from continuous industry consultation
  • National experience and network with 20 offices